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1. What is the Training Sensecom Method?

The Sensecom training method is a trademark in the field of education, of the Asia-Europe Co., Ltd, was founded based on scientific platform proven to promote at best the brain potential of learners. The Sensecom emphasizes to the simultaneous combination of senses in the learning process, to help learners acquire knowledge quickly and remember for a long time. To perform this combined process, the Sensecom method contains in it 6 approaching techniques that revolve around the activity pairs: Ask - Answer; Observation - Logical Thinking; Practice through teaching tools – Interprete by handwriting, allowing learners to be flexible in the thinking ability and creating the habit of transmitting the hardened knowleges into vivid color images. It is a unique combination that the Sensecom method has proven to be effective when always bringing joy, fun, stimulating continuously excitement in learning for learners. Since then, learners promote at best their active roles in the opinion, independent thinking and the ability to argue. Thanks to this method, educators can ensure three important elements in the training process, namely: provision of knowledge, study skills and learning attitude change.


2. The Sensecom program suits the student at which age?

The Sensecom program emphasizes to ability to develop thinking for children, thus training children at an early age is important significance. According to scientific researches, the rapidly developing brain cells are just at a certain age. The researches also show that 75-85% of brain development occurs between the ages of 4-14 years old. The Sensecom program concretizes the development process for children through language and number. Teaching and learning techniques of Math towards the actuality, activeness, suitability with age psychology help children be independent in learning, enhance the ability to do Math, improve scores at school and especially develop thinking naturally.

3. What students will do in the Sensecom?

The Sensecom center creates an enjoyable learning environment, students will be guided and practiced thoughtfully. The good teachers who have been trained through the Sensecom method will directly teach. They are trained thoroughly in accordance with Our own method. Students will practice Math on the pre-designed math problems for each specific level under the direct supervision of the teachers. Students will feel the Sensecom like a second home needed for themselves.


4. Why should I enroll my child in the Sensecom center?

The Sensecom method is effective, receptive and highly specialized. Parents will receive detailed periodic reports on the progress of students. When studying Math in the Sensecom, students not only learn Math knowledge but more greatly than that, they are also going to develop their strong thinking. We focus on building for students the foundation of basic mathematical concepts and skills to understand the numbers steadily. Towards long-term direction, students will be active, enjoyable with learning Math, confident in talking about Math, and become people having capable of thinking, logical analysis, and success in future work.


5. Does the Math program in the Sensecom affect the curriculum at school?

The Math Sensecom program does not affect learning outcomes at school but the program also supports effectively the learning of Math at school. Currently at school, most of children only use the technique of written math (using paper and pen) while the Sensecom guides them access to math through many different techniques such as ask - response; observation - thinking, logical reasoning .... This helps them find results more quickly and accurately.

6. How does this program help children face the contest?

The basis of any contest is only the speed and precision. This program helps them get the great accuracy and when achieving this ability through consistent practice, the speed will be raised. The accuracy and speed impact on the ability to remember of them, ensuring them to be always nimble and precise in all their work.

7. How long does it take to see the results from the program?

Learning is always a process that requires effort and time. We can not wish the children to make a great progress in just 1 or 2 months. The Sensecom students usually have progress just after 2 to 3 weeks and sustainably after 3 learning months, but that is just the start. This progress will be extremely clear after continuous learning period of from 9 months to 1 year. To be able to see the greater benefit of learning, the Sensecom students often show their creativity and autonomy in learning after a period of 2-3 years of learning.