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About us

Sensecom Learning Center is an exclusive unit of the brand and the program “Sensecom Mental Math”. Sensecom brand has been ranked "Top 50 Vietnam Famous Trademark in 2013 and 2014" by Vietnam Intellectual Property Association and International Intellectual Property Institute. The sustainable philosophy of the center is “continuous study and application of effective educational programs, educational methods according to the pace of education development in Vietnam and the world”. From this philosophy, the center has built up a group of staff that has experience in teaching and research for many years. They have passion, enthusiasm, creativity and wisdom; they want to devote the best educational products to Vietnam education. Students have the opportunity to develop their potential, live confidently and be stronger in the society. Therefore, the students will improve gradually both elements “Heart and talent”.


With the motto of bringing more and more products to learners across the country, Sensecom Training Center applies the model of franchise and joint training to create opportunities for partners with the same passion in the mission of “human education” to approach and own a private educational institution of “professionalism, credibility and efficiency”.



We believe that each student has a potential learning ability. Helping them see magical ability of themselves is the key to success in the learning process.

·         Consulting, training thinking development courses for children in terms of language and math.

·         Application of support software of teaching and learning; software for testing student learning process.

·         Consulting and providing parents with support programs for teaching children at home and self-study skill for students.



We wish all students having the opportunity to learn Sensecom method to recognize the special benefits in the learning process and strive to true dreams.

·         We want to build a big house, as “the home”, where children feel safe and easy to acquire knowledge.

·         Effectively continuous research and application of education programs and advanced educational methods focusing on thinking development learning, study skills, fact-thinking skills and knowledge application in their life.

·          Becoming one of the leading educational companies of Vietnam on educational technology.


Core value

·         Doing the smallest task with the best effort

·         Dedicating the best with responsibility, passion and fairness.

·         Being always creative, innovative for the benefit of future generations.

·         Being professional based on sustainability.



All individuals have potential learning ability when they were born. To develop the learning potential, firstly, the learners must feel that all subjects are lovely and interesting. Who will help them? There are three basic elements: Teacher, curriculum and method.

Sensecom method is the result of scientific research based on knowledge, education opinion and interactive teaching method of Professor Una Cunningham, learning method based on diagram of Professors Tony & Barry Buzan. Sensecom method emphasizes thinking development ability of learners through math tricks with numbers and the language of United States, Singapore, or the ability to stimulate thinking development and right brain through hand image, Abacus calculator of Japan. Sensecom method has integrated the strengths of the current methods, and made them suitable to the environment, habits and learning psychology of Asian students. Sensecom method combines six teaching techniques: Audio – Verbal, Visual - Metal, Tactile - Written.