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Syllabus for Kindergarten

At this age, It is very important for children to understand basic mathematical concepts. Math helps children explain logically the world happening around them. Children will recognize the numbers through counting and writing, understand spatial relationships, sort and classify groups, describe the relationship and values, arrange numbers  in order, plus or minus the integer, realise basic shapes and concept of fractions ..ect.

Children will focus on practising basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction. Supercalculating within 99 with two hands. After the course, children have a solid foundation of Math before entering grade 1.



1.      Number Sense

2.      Finger Math




1.      Children will get deep understanding of numbers. The numbers associated with the actual quantities.

2.      Children has ability of connecting numbers with meaningful situations in everyday life.

3.      Children realise the values of colours, shapes, measurement units through educational materials, textbooks, tools.

4.      With their hands, children will have the skills to do the math quickly in the two-digit range.


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