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Parents are always worried about the ability of their child when entering Grade 1. This level, the majority of class time children will learn the basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Therefore, the child who can do well mental arithmetic calculations quickly is always the desire of the parents. Finger Math program, Abacus Math program and Mental Math program are always the best choices of the parents to achieve that desire.

The hands or Abacus plucked back into the world not only do as a means of calculation alone, but also help children learn math faster, calculate the operations more quickly and stimulate the development of two hemispheres, the left brain and the right brain, equally. These tools helps children get the learning habit of combining the senses simultaneously. That is the Sensecom Learning Method. The learning process is “from visual observation to imagine thinking”. In the first stage, students use fingers or abacus to calculate, then switch to the virtual fingers or abacus, that means the child is no longer used the real fingers or abacus. The child calculates oprerations through their imagination.

Mental Math emphasizes the usability of techniques (tips) to solve problems. Mental Math not only helps children learn math faster but also helps the child manipulate the thinking ability in everyday life and success in the following years.



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