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20:39:41 - 09/17/2014

In the morning of September 14th 2014, the awards ceremony took place at the Ha Noi Opera House to vote for 100 Vietnam famous enterprises in the program “Vietnam famous brand 2014”. Vietnam Famous Brand is one of the prestigious awards organized by Vietnam Economic Times to recognize the efforts to build and develop the brand image of business, contributing to improving the competitive position for Vietnam national brands on the international market. The program was broadcast live on VTC1.

This was the second time, the brand Sensecom of The Limited Liability Eurasian Education Company (1002 Quang Trung, Govap District, Hochiminh City, Vietnam) had the honour to be in the Top 50 most famous brands 2014 through the program of surveying and researching the consumer trends in 2014.

The solemn atmosphere at the awards ceremony

Sensecom – the brand in Vietnam. Sensecom was launched based on the foundation of proven science that aims to maximize the potential of learners’ brain. Sensecom emphasizes the combination of the bulk of the sense in the learning process in order to help the learners acquire the knowledge quickly and keep the knowledge in learners’ brain longer. In order to carry out this process, the Senssecom method includes six approaching techniques revolving the pair of activities: ask – answer; observe – logically think; practise through teaching tools – interpret by the writing, images. To allow learners to be flexible in thinking and form the habbit of transfering the hard knowledge to the vivid color images. Thanks to this unique combination, Sensecom method has proved effectively in bringing joy, fun and stimulating the excitement in learning for learners continuously. From this, learners can maximize the positive role in independent thinking, and  arguing ability. Furthermore, Thanks to this approach,  the educators can ensure the three important elements in the training process: to provide knowledge, to train learning skills and to change learning attitudes.

Director Hoai Nhat with the joy of maintaining and developing the brand.

The Award of Vietnam famous brand 2014 is the obvious evidence which confirms the stature and the prestige of Sensecom brand in particular and The Limited Liability Eurasian Education Company in general in the development of the trend of parents choosing the most civilized and effective methods for their children.

At the Announcement Ceremony the Result of the survey of famous brand 2104 for the excellent brands in Vietnam business community, when awarded the Medal for Sensecom’s representive, the representive of Vietnam Union of Science business emphasised: “The Sensecom brand is worthy with the trust of numerous parents and students and has internal force to develop powerfully in nationwide.”

The solemn atmosphere at the awards ceremony.

With strengths, achievements and values recorded continuously over prestigious awards in 2013, 2014, Sensecom brand will strive, grow, innovate constantly in order to maintain its position as one of the top education brands, trusted and loved by numerous customers, Sensecom learning center system continues to make important contributions to the development of Vietnam education and training now and in the future. Director Nhat said: “We always assert the prestige and quality of the Sensecom brand through the quality of the program by a perfect and durable process which meets the diverse and practical requirements of learners. We will try our best to elevate the Sensecom brand to the most worthy position.”


Director Le Chau Hoai Nhat with the joy of maintaining and developing the brand


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