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Finger Math

Finger Math is the mathematics program with two hands. According to the traditional method of learning mathematics, students can only count to 10 with two hands. However, with Finger Math program, students can count to 30, 50 or 99 very easily. This optimal calculation way can help students plus or minus within 99 fast as electronic computer. In general, students in grades 2 and 3, plus or minus very slow when the numbers exceed 10 because they are only taught to count from 1 to 10 corresponding to 10 fingers.

Finger Math that uses two hands to calculate has been applied by many countries all over the world such as Japan, Singapore, Korea, USA, Canada, etc. This program applies to kindergarten kids and elementary pupils quite successful. Within 2 weeks, the children of 6-8 years old are able to add, subtract two digits quickly.

Also Finger Math emphasizes encouraging children to study because it can create excitement in learning, learn through play. This mathematical skill allows students to add, subtract consecutively multiple numbers together, for example 99-40 + 10-8 + 11, etc. as long as the result is less than 100. The calculation through finger is quite accurate and simply because the students who are not too intelligent can also do the exercise. Thus the Finger math program is an opportunity for all students to learn math, especially the weak and slow students in math.



1. Children can do the math exercises anywhere, anytime without any means whatsoever.

2. Ability to focus more than an hour.

3. Proficient in adding, subtracting within 0-99 before entering Grade 1.

4. Calculation speed of children equal to the talking speed of adult.

5. Do homework voluntarily, without any prompts.

6. Be aware to apply mathematical skills to learn other subjects.

7. Love the math although children do not like it before.

8. Understand their capacity as well as limitation of themselves.

9. Always tend to want to do good things.

10. Make significant progress in personality, study habits, knowledge and behavior.
Thus, not only learning math, by also children learn how to become an “independent kid”. 


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